Dr. Hapase  Dr. D.G. Hapase is Director, Dr. D.G. Hapase & Associates (DGHA) - Agriculture Consultancy and Founder Director, Dnyansheel Foundation concerned with R&D in Agriculture. Since 1994 he is providing consultancy/ advisory services in cane production and management. Helping Sugar Industry in Peninsular Zone covering North India, Nepal and Fiji to achieve higher sustainable cane yields per acreage with improved returns to farmers and focus on continuous soil fertility improvement. The aim is to achieve widespread improvement in cane yields to 150 T cane yield/ acre (375 T/ Ha), sustainably.

Dr. Hapase is Member, Sugar Technology Mission (STM) Advisory Committee, Government of India, since Oct. 1993. He is member of Advisory Board for Sugarcane Research Institute of Fiji (SRIF) since February 2007. He has served as Director of Vasantdada Sugar Institute (VSI) India’s premier sugarcane research Institute and as Chairman, Research Advisory Committee (RAC), Sugarcane Breeding Institute (SBI), ICAR, Coimbatore.

Dr. Hapase has a PhD in Plant Physiology from Penn State University, USA and IARI New Delhi under USAID program.
  Dipti Nakhle  Ms. Dipti serves as Associate at DGHA. Her responsibilities involve training and co-ordination of sugar mill management in implementing prescribed cane production techniques. Training and continuing education of farmers in sugarcane cultivation and production. Demonstration of Crop management Techniques, Interaction with Farmers, Technology Transfer, Arrange Seminars. Ms. Dipti believes that Indian agriculture can match its economic development in industry by focusing in areas of yield improvement by adapting modern researched techniques and improved crop loss management caused by mishandling, spillage, floods, droughts and pests and diseases. Only 15 percent of farmers credit requirements are fulfilled by banks and financial institutions. Farmers are still being exploited by moneylenders who provide finance at exorbitant interest rates. Timely and widespread availability of credit is paramount.

Ms Dipti is a M.Sc. International Horticulture from Writlle College, University of Essex (U.K), she was a Marshall Papworth Scholar at University of Essex. She is a M.Sc. Agriculture (Plant Physiology) Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, Rahuri. She is a university Gold Medalist.
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